About Us

Our Mission


At a time when cybersecurity is an existential risk for numerous industries, NCoded Communications provides an overlay of a Zero Trust Environment, securing your private data from unwanted access. Private data, communications, data-in-transit, across all of your platforms and devices.


Our History


NCoded Communications has developed the industry's most sophisticated encryption and authentication software, architecture, and products, having received two FIPS 140-2 certificate accreditations (#3212 & #3213) for its proprietary cipher technology used throughout.


Our premier product, UltraSUITE software stops rogue hackers, nation-states and cyber thieves from accessing your intellectual property and sensitive customer data. Whether that data is at rest, in the cloud or datacenter.


After having successfully protected the data-in-transit in 20+ successful Red Team tests,  our unique multilayer encryption and trusted node architecture is believed by both industry and government experts to be capable of quantum resiliency.


Using our unconventional Access Points, external actors are unable to identify the communication signal or type. This, combined with our unconventional approach to creating and managing the encryption keys used in communications (i.e. the identifiable encryption keys are not stored at rest anywhere or sent on the wire or through the air); identification, interrogation, exploitation and data theft through external penetration success into your secured infrastructure is simply not possible.


By eliminating the major attack surfaces used by hackers, nation-states or evil actors, UltraSUITE is impenetrable and cloaked to anyone on the Internet that is not authenticated by UltraSUITE applications.


 NCoded Communications, Inc., is a Delaware Corporation founded in 2013 and headquartered in Florida.

Our Executive Team

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  • Founded NCoded Communications in 2013

  • Chief Executive and Board Chairman

  • Architect of the UltraSuite of Encryption Tools

  • Chief business development & implementer of the security framework for    delivering secure phone calls and IM messages to several Other Government Agencies (OGA)

  • Chief business development & implementer of the intrusion prevention   framework to three-letter agencies

  • Chief Innovator

  • Financial Services Technology Leader


  • Executive Vice-President of International IT security at Swiss Bank Corporation

  • Executive Vice-President at Perot Systems

  • Director at KPMG Peat Marwick

  • Member of Technical Staff at Bell Laboratories

DAmico photo.jpg
  • Business Development Leader – UltraReel

  • Composer & Publisher of 500+ songs

  • Lead Sales Executive


  • Producer of Classical & Jazz Artists

  • Tom Scott, Nigel Kennedy, Roger Kellaway, Bucky Pizzarelli, Yongmei Hu and   Project Trio

  • Executive Producer/Producer of the Let Us In

  • Producer of NYCFAB 50, celebrating 50 years since Beatles arrival in NYC

  • Produced World Premiere of Paul McCartney’s NOVA

_Shad bio photo.png
  • Leads NCoded Communications Security & Technology Development

  • 19+ years experience in the world of information and network security; both on offensive security (attack and penetration) as well as defensive security

  • Sought after as a subject matter expert in developing and managing security operations centers and establishing Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT)


  • Network Security Innovator

  • Experienced SOC Leader

  • Possesses excellent analytical skills, with the critical ability to identify security issues and quickly apply effective resolutions




  • Member of the first Department of Justice red team penetration testing group whose responsibility it was to test various networks for vulnerabilities and weaknesses

  • Developed and managed the Security Operations Center (SOC) for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

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  • Global Facilities and Operations Management

  • Vendor relations, administration, editor and patent coordinator

  • Liaison with DoC and BIS

  • Familiar with “start up” companies

  • Strong operations  and vendor identification experience assisting C Suite



  • HR and Operations Advisor to multiple “start up” companies over the past 12 years

  • Built 14 new HR/TA functions including conducting senior recruiting activities personally

  • Over 20 +years of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition experience representing multiple global companies such as KPMG, Abbott, Swiss Bank, and American Hospital Supply (Baxter) and Forsythe Technology

  • Consulting clients included HSBC, TJX, World Kitchen, Pitney Bowes, Kodak, Abbott, Novelis, and Takeda along with multiple IT organizations

  • Worked outside the HR function providing operations, M&A, research, real estate assessment, and government compliance (DoD, import export etc.) & 3rd party partner management