Data Breaches in the United States

Updated: May 24, 2019

Like clockwork, the number of data breaches and size of them grow each year.

Why is this? The causes are several:

1. It’s become easy. Why? Conventional security approaches, some designed as much as 20-25 years ago, are old and have been thoroughly analyzed for how to attack. Either it is a weak sign by 2019 standards, or has back door/security holes.

2. The hacking tools have grown in number and ability. In recent weeks the major Cybersecurity annual reports show increases. US government hacking tools are now in the wild on the Internet for anyone to use.

3. Quantum computing is here. Many think it’s 5-10 years off, however, there are many global companies producing them (see post on Quantum computing).

4. Estimates today are that up to 9+ million new attack vectors with unique signatures appear daily. The ability for a SOC with the primary dilation capability OS looking for static signatures is fighting a losing battle at protecting their Operational Technology (OT) environment.

Combined these offer a significant threat. Intrusion protection and firewalls are no longer enough. Of the 2017 breaches, only 4% of the attack surfaces utilized data-in-transit encryption.

It is time to think differently and be unconventional in protecting your intellectual property (IP).

The answer from NCoded Communications is to deploy a Zero Trust Environment. Not just any ZTE model, but one that delivers unconventional methods to protect your environment with minimal operational complexity or cost.

As Steve Jobs declared at the turn of the century: "Be Different!!" He also declared: "And it just works!"

What choice do you have? If you chose not to make the switch to our proprietary platform, your only choice is to shut down your digital environments.

Can you perform business in 2019 when doing that?

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