Quantum Computing Patents

Updated: May 24, 2019

Before quantum computers became a reality, cybersecurity attacks were already growing rapidly.

Take these headlines as examples:

* Cyberattacks are the fastest-growing crime in the U.S.

* Seventy percent of businesses surveyed believe their security risk increased significantly

* In 2016 approximately one billion accounts and records were compromised worldwide or roughly three for every American citizen

* IoT attacks were up 600 percent in 2017

* The U.S. receives 18.2 percent of all ransomware attacks

In January 2016, a MIT article stated that an AES 256 encryption key would be hacked in less than 5 minutes. With the world wide web running on 128 bits, not 256, the article effectively predicted a forthcoming of a quantum apocalypse.

Some have the current day (2019) opinion that such a computer would not be here for 5-10 years. However, considering the quantum computer patents chart. (see image) We, in the US, are not the only ones interested in this computing power. China in recent years doubled the number of patents filed in the area of quantum computers when compared to the US.

Consider this addition, the NSA has indicated that it will not have an answer for how to stop a quantum until 2024. We are now effectively in the digital equivalent of the wild, wild west. Then lawlessness was rampant, as will be encryption hacking in this digital era.

What is safe?

Quantum computers are here to stay. NCoded Communications’ position for stopping a quantum computer has several factors:

1. Be unconventional in your security approach. Believing that adopting the typical security standards is all that is needed is equivalent to what an ostrich does when it’s scared, puts it's head in the sand. We've done far too much of that in the IT security world in the last decade.

2. Acknowledge that PKI is not as secure as it was 20 years ago and that US enemies broke through PKI ~10 years ago. While others simply perfected man-in-the-middle approaches, others perfected the theft of key stores.

3. Eliminate as many of the cybersecurity attack surfaces from your OT environment as possible.

4. Adapt an advanced approach to Zero Trust Environments and overlay them on to your OT environment.

Once completed your OT environment can’t be accessed:

* Not just due to multi-layered encryption

* Not just due to highly advanced intrusion protection

* But also due to the fact that no servers (where your digital gold resides) can be found on the Internet from a non-trusted source

Add the strength of quantum computers into the hacking equation, and then ask yourself: Can you afford not to protect yourselves today?

Or, do you run with the herd and wait for a digital disaster to occur? Don't become a victim like OPM 4 years ago? Equifax 3 years ago? Sony 6 years ago? Target 4 years ago?

Are you next?

Let NCoded Communications put your fears to rest and allow you to get back to the business of doing business (not looking over your shoulder). If you're ready to interact in more detail with our experts please click the blue "Schedule a Webinar" button in the top right corner of your screen. We have time set aside each week to share additional details and answer any questions you might have about our proprietary solutions.

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