State of Security Attack Vectors

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

1 Overview

On the Newsweek site for August 17, 2019, there’s an article titled, “20 TEXAS CITIES HIT BY COORDINATED RANSOMWARE ATTACK, STATE'S IT DEPARTMENT SAYS” - With the article there is an embedded video also found at YouTube - This video was placed at YouTube On Feb 1, 2019.

The video is the focus of this blog post.

2 Cybersecurity IoT Issues

The title of the video is: How A Cyber Attack Could Shut Down The U.S. With a description of A major cyber attack could shut down everything from power grids to financial systems. It is a rather ominous video, however, from my perspective the possibilities it discusses are all on the table NOW, in August 2019. Society issues would be catastrophic given that the attacks would not only be for financial gain but to create cultural chaos on any sovereign nation the attack was perpetrated against.

We are in room temperature water now.

What can we do to extinguish the flame heating the water?

Like a movie reviewer, I won’t go into detail spoiling the movie plot. I highly recommend taking the 5:31 minutes to listen or watch this. I will say the last minute covers how an attack against the financial industry could make the source of the attack vector millions per specific attack. It is akin to the story of how a frog when placed into a pot of boiling water will jump out immediately, however, if you place a frog in room temperature water and slowly bring the pot to a boil, the frog will do nothing but be boiled.

Be Different / Be Unconventional -

Don’t Follow the Herd

This is the pertinent question. Our answer is:

How? With NCoded’s advanced Zero Trust Environment Overlay solution. Delivering stealth to your Operational Technology environment by cloaking it from the public internet. Your attack surfaces disappear from the external evil actors and nation states.

3 Conclusion

For further information, please contact us below for more details on how to shield yourselves against external evil actors by removing your attack surfaces from your Operational Technology environment.

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NCoded Communications, Inc.

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