Secured Communications

UC 1200.2019 (3).png

Secure communications for voice, video, data, situational awareness,

and duress alerts in any network environment. Where a network doesn't exist

UltraCOM creates one out of thin air.

Secure Communications

  • Secure voice, chat, data, photos & Video

  • Three levels of FIPS 140-2 level 1 accreditation encryption

  • FIPS 140-2 level 1 accredited-#3212 & #3213

  • Each security session is uniquely encrypted

  • No history of content or communication kept

  • Battlefield simulation confirmed (ART/TSOA 2014-2017)

Situational Awareness

  • Beacon GPS

  • Situational awareness-CoTS messaging to ATAK & RaptorX or other BFT

  • Silent duress indicator

  • Send my location to another UltraCOM user

  • No history of situational events stored

  • AdminC2-Command & Controls

    • Front/Back Picture​

    • Microphone activation

    • Wipe account information

    • Lock screen

    • Disable UltraCOM

Ubiquitous Networking

  • Supports:

    • Cellular 2G/3G/4G​

    • WiFi 

    • Satellite BGAN

    • Private cellular

    • Private MANET

  • Delivers anti-triangulation in the field
  • Switch accounts between battlefield/HQ
  • Infrastructure implementation
    • Datacenter
    • Cloud accounts    (e.g. AWS)
    • Stand alone field HW
  • Field MANET vendor agnostic deployment

Globalization concept
Above Earth

Providing situational awareness down to platoon level over any global network

(U//FOUO) JVAT ranks the security posture of the UltraCOM device,

as configured at ART/TSOA 17-2, as excellent