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UltraPAD – delivers secure communication for any data server within the AP surrounded extranet (security wall) - e.g. voice, media, metadata, database, private web servers, private mail servers, private mass storage, etc.

Delivers Secure Communications For Any Data Server

  • Media

  • Database

  • Private web servers

  • Private mail servers

  • Private mass storage

  • Financial services transactions

  • IoT

Web Consultation

Protecting Your Server's Endpoint Vulnerability

UltraPAD encrypts communications between your software and "access points" - in effect creating a security wall perimeter around servers to protect from Internet attack vectors.


Keep Your Data Cloaked

  • Your data is not accessible to bad actors over the Internet

  • Communications from non-trusted nodes are blocked and blacklisted

  • Unique encryption keys are real-time generated, never transmitted

  • Each key is wiped & destroyed at the end of each communications session between trusted  nodes 

Effectively Cloaking the Secure Communications from Competitors or Nation States