Secure Your Sensors

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Secure data-in-motion from the sensor to the sensor target with layers of end-to-end encryption.

Delivers Secure Sensor Communication

  • Multi-layered encryption

  • End-to-end  encryption

  • Dynamically created encryption keys

  • Encryption keys never stored or sent

  • No PKI - No attack surfaces

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to install - configure and install on any Linux based sensor

  • Cost effective


Sensor Server Security

  • Security perimeter protecting server

  • Server Cloaking - ability to move servers to a non-routable IP address, making them invisible to anyone except your solution modules and users

  • Intrusion Prevention - incoming communications ONLY allowed from NCoded enabled sensors or devices running an UltraPAD client

Army Soldiers

Keep Your Data Cloaked

  • Your data is not accessible to bad actors over the Internet

  • Communications from non-trusted nodes are blocked and blacklisted

  • Unique encryption keys are real-time generated, never transmitted

  • Each key is wiped and destroyed at the end of each communication session between trusted nodes


UltraPAD Enabled Servers Available in Your Cloud or in Hardware from

NCoded Communications

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