Secured Media Streaming

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UltraREEL is a secure streaming solution protecting media and control information from pirates, hackers and sovereign states. It's designed to withstand any series of attacks whose goal it is  to eavesdrop and/or steal media, communications and all data content while in transit or at rest.

UltraREEL is packaged for both US government and commercial solutions targeting both asset defense on the battlefield and the ability for the entertainment industry to block media piracy efforts.

Get a Customizable Streaming Package

  • ​Securely publish content via your own branded app for fans to download

  • All technology, designs and operations are supported on multiple devices

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Stay in Control

The media asset owner has options to address the market in new ways:

  • UAV streaming media and command/controls

  • Choose release times and price points

  • Implement new business models

  • Distribute special features securely

Music Mixing
Film Set
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