Zero Trust:

Trust Nothing & Trust No One

What is a Zero Trust Environment?


NCoded Communications provides a Zero Trust Environment Overlay (ZTE) on all Operational Technology (OT) Environments ensuring that you are completely protected from direct external attacks at all times on every device.  Ncoded's Zero Trust Environment Overlay follows the mantra of

Trust No One & Trust Nothing

The NCoded ZTE starts with a security posture of

Default Deny on EVERYTHING.

London Reflections

NCoded Communications is LEADING the industry with the only true Zero Trust Environment Overlay that will stop direct external attacks on your OT.

There are those that state there must be a method for interconnectivity not requiring high trust on 2 trusted node endpoints. They state it is needed for the work of the digital business to be completed.



To achieve Zero Trust, at a high level, the following steps must be taken using unconventional security methods:

  • Reduce Your Attack Surface

  • Secure User Access

  • Encrypt data-in-transit

This neutralizes your adversaries...the evil actors and nation-states.

Trust must be absolute, binary and dynamically

created without human intervention or from

data storage / key stores.


  • Either you have a high level of trust or you don't.

  • Determining trust is binary. An endpoint is trusted or it is not.

  • Anything less than this does not provide a trusted environment.

  • To be secure, you require implicit trust that is earned.

An adaptive risk/trust model positioned by others is open to being breached, demonstrating the failure of that model. 


  • Analysis of anything else is not a Zero Trust Environment. Their consequences are:

    • Wasted time and cost to the organization

    • Reacting to attacks as opposed to shutting them down before they get in


This position hailed by others is one of the problems today in the world of Cybersecurity.

You either have Cybersecurity on at all times, or you don't and you allow adaptability. The adaptability of a cybersecurity model will not adequately protect your IP moving forward.  A high model of trust is required.

With NCoded's ZTE Overlay, Zero Trust is achieved though the implementation of UNCONVENTIONAL security methods which are always on!

The NCoded Zero Trust Environment Overlay has many security elements associated with it:

  • The access position is Default Deny. Trust is not implicit, it must be explicitly earned.

  • Communications through a Trusted Node Model, eliminating PKI & it's associated attack surfaces.

  • Symmetric encryption

  • End-to-end encryption

  • No keystores, realtime encryption key generation

  • FIPS 140-2 encryption

  • Data-in-Transit multi-layered encrypted

  • A Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) protecting your servers

  • The ability for you to hide your servers from the public internet given their location within the SDP

  • Advanced, dynamically defined, non-signature, intrusion protection.


Your servers within the SDP are not visible to anyone on the public Internet.  As a result,


Thieves, Hackers, Rogue Nation States / Organizations...

Cannot Steal -What They Cannot See

Cannot Interpret -What They Cannot Read

Cannot Determine The Source Of -The Content They Cannot Find


Once completed, you have cloaked your Intellectual Property from any enemy using conventional and advanced methods of attacking your infrastructure - AND - you will have eliminated close to a dozen or more attack surfaces evil actors us to steal your IP.

Nation States.png


  • Assurance that your Intellectual Property (IP) is fully protected from the attack vectors of today and tomorrow

  • Assurance that your employees are fully protected from ransom-ware, ID theft and personal threats - placing them in a compromising position of blackmail or worse (e.g. those impacted by the Experian and OPM data leaks).

  • Focus on operational budgets without an ever-growing intrusion prevention, viruses, malware and ransom-ware expenditure requirements. Allowing you the benefit of focusing on business or missions vs fear of being attacked using more man hours and dwindling profits. 

Your Choices

  1. Stay the course, do nothing different and remain in a position where you will be attacked for theft of your IP.

  2. Decide to change and take control of the pending cybersecurity issue(s) you have by partnering with NCoded Communications. We will address the rapid and streamlined implementation of a Zero Trust Environment.


**If your decision is option 2 we invite you to Contact Us to speak to our experts, obtain additional details and answer any questions you might have.